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Horological stocking fillers

Looking for a stocking filler for the horologist in your life? Here are some brilliant suggestions

A recent sample of Clocks magazine. This costs just 5.95, to help cover postage and administration. Order a Sample Copy of Clocks magazine.

A current issue of Clocks magazine. We will send you a copy of the December 2023 issue to arrive in plenty of time for Christmas. 7.95 posted anywhere in the world. Order a Current Issue of Clocks.

A Beginner's Guide to Clock Repair. The perfect introduction to restoring old clocks, just 14.45 including UK postage. Order a Beginner's Guide to Clock Repair

A Beginner's Guide to Pocket Watches. Discover the principal types of pocket watch available to the collector and how to dismantle, clean and reassemble one. 14.45 including UK postage. Order a Beginners Guide to Pocket Watches

American Clocks, An Introduction. Trace the long and distinguished history of clockmaking in the United States, written by a leading American horologist. Just 19.45 including UK postage. Order American Clocks, An Introduction

Collectable Pocket Watches 1750-1920. Explore the different types of pocket watch likely to be encountered by the average collector. Just 19.45 including UK postage. Order Collectable Pocket Watches 1750-1910

Help your friend or loved-on keep their Clocks magazines tidy and orderly by storing them in our specially made Clocks binders. These are available direct from us at a price (including postage) of 19.95 to addresses in the UK or 25.50 by airmail to addresses outwith the UK. Order a Clocks binder

Our Hundred percent Horology' Teeshirt, in navy blue with gold highlight, is the ideal fashion accessory for the horological enthusiast. It costs 13.45 including UK postage, and comes in a range of sizes from S to XXL. Order a Hundred percent horology teeshirt.

Or why not just go the whole hog and buy your friend or loved-one a Christmas Gift Subscription to Clocks? It's a Christmas gift that gives every month for a whole year, but it's only 85 including UK postage. Order a Christmas Gift Subscription.

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